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Ana illueca ceramics

Fallow 02

Fallow 02

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The pieces

"Fallow" is a series of flowerpots, in three different sizes, made on a potter's wheel with a high quality stoneware. Making them requires knowledge of the technique and an extra physical effort. They are decorated by hand, one by one, in the vivid colors that define my Mediterranean.


Flowerpot: 15 cm diameter, 21cm high

Material: High quality stoneware.
Firing temperature: 1280º.


The raw materials used for their production have been acquired from suppliers close to my workshop.

The waste generated in its manufacture is used in the creation of the "Circular Surprise" line, my circular economy project that seeks 0 waste. All the solid waste generated in my workshop becomes a ceramic piece. You can learn more about the project here (link).

The packaging is made of recycled material (cartons, protectors, adhesive tape) and is recyclable.

The transport provider that takes your piece home is DHL, whose corporate policy and GOGREEN program commits them to reduce emissions to 0 in 2050.

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