Collection: L'Orangerie

Embracing Character.

In recent times, everything seems to be blending into sameness more and more. Occasionally, I find myself hopeful when it appears that something might be different, only to discover it’s just the same old story.

Character has been marginalized; we shy away from it because it can be intimidating, uncomfortable, and provocative; simply because it’s different. Yet, what we truly desire is to be distinct without straying too far from the norm. We gravitate towards neutral, pleasing things, treading carefully, staying within the boundaries of what’s deemed appropriate, but never daring to cross the line.

By being so cautious, we risk forfeiting our identity. Hence, these tiles serve as a tribute to character as a trait that both elevates and challenges, rendering spaces unique without concern for whether they’ll be well-received or not. They are preoccupied with being themselves. A cladding that fosters immersive environments, meticulously crafted one by one, designed to envelop in a sensory experience, thereby transforming each room into a living canvas.

Character is a virtue because anything that stirs us so profoundly, reinvents our language, and brings us joy can never be considered a flaw. If everyone believes themselves to be unique, then no one truly is.

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