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Ana illueca ceramics



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Creative Concept

We are nothing, we are only in relation to the rest. We are neither big nor small, we are depending on the context, in the same way that stone beats scissors but is defeated by paper.

These pitchers are what we are when we are alone and yet, being the same pitcher, it changes completely depending on who stands next to it. Just as it happened to the stone.

"Relationships" is a series of anatomical jugs with an apparently immovable character, but that when placed in relation to each other mutate, play and take on different forms becoming emotional and alive.

This collection aspires to reflect on the purest emotionality of the object and to remind us that no matter what happens, we are with others.


Technical features:

Each jar is composed of hand-turned pieces assembled looking for the human anatomy. The clay is recycled stoneware from my workshop.

Expressive brushstrokes of porcelain engobe seek to create depth.

The glaze is transparent matte applied on the inside by pouring and on the outside by airbrush. A smooth gradient towards green thanks to the progressive increase of copper oxide.

The enamel, of its own research, seeks to create the sensation of caress, touch is very important in this work: humanity comes not only from its form, but also from its tactility.

The pieces reach 1280º.



The raw materials used for its realization have been acquired from suppliers close to my workshop.

The waste generated in its manufacture is used in the creation of the "Circular Surprise" line, my circular economy project that seeks 0 waste. All the solid waste generated in my workshop is converted into a ceramic piece. You can learn more about the project here.

The packaging is made of recycled material (cartons, protectors, adhesive tape) and is recyclable.

The transport provider that brings your piece home is DHL, whose corporate policy and GOGREEN program commits it to reduce emissions to 0 by 2050.

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