Collection: Chrysalises

A chrysalis is an instant. In zoology, chrysalis refers to the state prior to the adult stage of insects just before they undergo a complete metamorphosis.

It is curious how in a matter of a second, the insect breaks out of the cocoon it has been in for months and emerges, leaving behind its shelter, into a new world.

Changes are an instant that we rarely perceive: by their immediacy, by their way of shaking us, by our way of turning our gaze elsewhere..., in what minute and at what hour did it all end, or did it all begin, what is the turning point that marks the before and after of things?

The present is invisible to the eyes because it is that verbal time that does not really exist and that when we decide to inhabit it, we are already late.

With these pieces I wanted to portray that precise and ephemeral moment in which everything changes, neither for the better nor for the worse. After all, changes are evolution, and evolution is life.